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Canada’s embarrassment at UN peacekeeping conference in Vancouver

Canada failed to deliver on its long overdue commitment to provide up to 600 military and 150 police personnel  for UN peace operations, a pledge it made over a year ago at the 2016 Ministerial conference on peacekeeping. At the Vancouver Ministerial Meeting on Peace Operations earlier this month, Prime Minister Trudeau, accompanied by Defence Minister […]

The United Nations and Canada: What Canada has done and should be doing for UN peace operations

Ahead of the Ministerial Meeting on United Nations Peacekeeping taking place November 14-15 in Vancouver, WFMC has published the latest edition in its United Nations and Canada series. The United Nations and Canada: What Canada has done and should be doing for UN peace operations  is a volume of 10 op-ed length essays by leading […]

Will Canada avoid embarrassment at international peacekeeping meeting?

Canada will host the 2017 Defence Ministerial Meeting on Peacekeeping, which takes place this November 14 & 15 in Vancouver. Over 500 delegates from 70 countries are expected to attend. Media interest in the meeting has been growing, in part because Canada’s August 2016 pledge to deploy up to 600 military and 150 police peacekeepers […]

Canada and UN Peacekeeping – on track for a diplomatic train wreck?

On November 14-15 in Vancouver Canada will host an international conference for Defence Ministers to discuss UN peacekeeping. Canada’s Department of National Defence expects upwards of 500 delegates from 70 countries to attend that pledging conference. In the summer of 2016 it was Canada’s promise of 600 military personnel, 150 police and $450 million over […]

More on peacekeeping

The Government of Canada has collected their information on the upcoming  2017 UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial conference in Vancouver here. On August 23, the midweek podcast from the House on CBC  was on the topic of  “Whatever happened to our peacekeeping mission?” with CBC reporter Murray Brewster. And until September 25, the full text of […]

National Peacekeeping Day and Canada’s delayed commitments

August 9 was National Peacekeepers Day in Canada and WFMC marked the occasion with a press release detailing Canada’s much delayed promises to increase its commitment to UN peacekeeping. As shown in our recently released 2017 Canada and UN Peacekeeping fact sheet, Canada now ranks 71st among contributors of military and police personnel to UN peacekeeping. According to WFMC […]

TakeAction for August 2017: Building peacekeeping

This month’s Take Action alert provides a  way for you to support: Canada and UN peace operations: Unmet promises, delayed commitments … and a possible diplomatic train wreck! What you can do Write to Prime Minister Trudeau, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, and Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and ask them: • Why is it taking so […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Canada and UN peace operations: Unmet promises, delayed commitments  … and a possible diplomatic train wreck!

MEDIA RELEASE: Canada and UN peace operations: Unmet promises, delayed commitments … and a possible diplomatic train wreck!

August 9 is National Peacekeepers Day in Canada, a time to mark this country’s impressive history contributing to peace and stability around the world, and also to remember those Canadians who have lost their lives serving overseas on United Nations Peace Operations. However, as reported in the just-released 2017 Canada and UN Peacekeeping Fact Sheet, […]

Recent peacekeeping developments of interest

On June 19, CBC published an exclusive report titled “Internal documents detail UN peacekeeping requests for Mali, other hotspots: Canada has been offered a number of marquee command roles for UN missions, but declined most of them.” The article begins, “The United Nations has presented Canada with a long list of peacekeeping requests that not only […]

TakeAction: Where is Canada’s peacekeeping plan?

On Tuesday June 6, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland delivered an address in Parliament on Canada’s foreign policy priorities. And the following day, National Defence Minister Harjit Sajjin released the results of the long-awaited Canada’s Defence Policy Review. As we have previously noted, following the 2015 election there were reasonable expectations that Canada would return […]

Canada’s support for UN peace operations: Unmet promises, delayed commitments

Canadian officials are once again hinting at renewed Government of Canada support for UN peace operations, without delivering firm commitments of personnel. Defence Minister Sajjan was in New York last week to brief governments and other stakeholders on the details of a major international conference on UN peace operations taking place November 14-15 in Vancouver. […]

TakeAction for May 2017: Building Canada’s commitment to UN Peacekeeping

Later this month, on May 29, the international community will celebrate the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. Each year at this time the world recognizes the commitment of those current and former members of UN operations, as well as those who have died in the line of duty, helping the UN restore peace to […]

Canada’s Peacekeping delays raise eyebrows at the UN

PassBlue, which reports from New York on a range of UN developments, noted in a recent article that the Canadian diplomatic mission at the UN cancelled an April 27 event that was to promote a major international conference on peacekeeping that Canada is scheduled to host this November in Vancouver. The article goes on to […]

Canada dithers on its peacekeeping pledges

In an opinion piece in the Ottawa Citizen, WFMC Executive Director Fergus Watt and WFMC Presicent Walter Dorn write: On the night of his federal election victory in October 2015, Justin Trudeau proudly declared that “Canada is back” on the international stage. A signature activity of his government was to “renew Canada’s commitment to United […]

WFMC News for January 2017

Check out WFMC’s monthly news, including Canada and Peacekeeping: Still missing in action WFMC seminar focuses on Canada and the crime of aggression WFMC – Montreal to host post-holiday luncheon Canadian Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly: Help Wanted



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