2015 Federal Election: Question 1

Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy After October 2015:

Questions for the political parties from the World Federalist Movement – Canada

1. Canada’s commitment to United Nations Peace Operations.

Will your party support a significantly increased Canadian personnel commitment to United Nations Peace Operations?

Will your party support the development of a United Nations Emergency Peace Service?


With almost 130,000 military, police and civilian personnel now serving in 16 missions, the United Nations has deployed more peacekeepers to world hot spots than at any time in the organization’s history.

Whereas for the UN’s first five decades Canada was a leading contributor to peace operations, we now rank 66th in the world. Canadian contributions of personnel have declined under successive governments and now stand at an all time low, with (as of June 2015) only 26 military personnel and 85 police on UN missions.

Several current UN peacekeeping missions are staffed at personnel levels lower than what has been authorized by the UN Security Council. And with the surge in demand for peacekepers the UN has found it increasingly difficult to assemble new operations and deploy them quickly to conflict-affected countries.

U.S. officials have encouraged European countries and other allies to contribute more to UN peacekeeping. And President Obama has called a Leaders Summit for September 2015 at the United Nations to address the challenges facing UN peace operations.

World Federalists and a growing number of international analysts support the development of a permanent, individually recruited United Nations Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS). This new service would complement existing arrangements with a much needed permanent, standing capacity that would allow the UN to deploy quickly to diverse emergencies.


Bloc Québeçois

Conservative Party

Green Party

The Green Party will fully support the development of a United Nations Emergency Peace
Service. We believe that Canada has strayed dangerously far from our peacemaking roots. That
the United Nations (UN) General Assembly voted to deny Canada its traditional rotation on the
Security Council should be a wakeup call that our global reputation is declining. The Green
Party will restore Canada to its historic role as respected global citizen.

As part of these measures, the Green Party of Canada will reestablish Canada among the
global leaders in peacebuilding, peacekeeping, and international diplomacy. Greens will realign
our defence spending increasing the emphasis on disaster assistance, and shifting our focus
toward UN Peacekeeping contributions.

Liberal Party

A Liberal government will remain committed to the value and importance of Canada contributing to the UN peace Operations. We are proud that it was a Liberal diplomat and future Prime Minister — Lester B. Pearson — that recognized the need for a UN force to monitor and observe the peace process. We are also proud that Canada provided the first generation of peacekeeping operations with troops, paving the way for future initiatives by the international community—
including establishing sustainable peace by strengthening the rule of law, increasing government accountability, and promoting peaceful reconciliation.

The Liberal Party of Canada commends our Canadian peacekeepers for their contributions to the advancement of global peace and human rights. Moreover, we reaffirm our commitment to providing assistance to peace processes in postconflict states and to working with the international community to create conditions that facilitate the resolution of violent conflict.

Canada should work with likeminded partners to get developed countries to return to United Nations missions; we have skills and expertise that the United Nations badly needs. Where there is not agreement among all Security Council Members, Canada should work with like-minded countries to promote compromises that make constructive contributions to humanitarian crises.

New Democratic Party

Canada should be a force for peace and development. Our faltering reputation cost us a seat on the UN Security Council and at the East Asia Summit. Tom Mulcair’s vision is to restore Canadian leadership on the global stage. An NDP government will focus on peace and prosperity and our approach will be based on progressive principles and shared responsibility.

Strength in Democracy



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