2015 Federal Election

Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy After October 2015:

Questions for the political parties from the World Federalist Movement – Canada

WFMC developed four questions dealing with key foreign policy and global governance issues and sent them to the six parties with Members of Parliament at the time.

There was also a toolkit, which compiled the questions and background information for voters.

Complete answers by party are available here:

1. Canada’s commitment to United Nations Peace Operations.

Will your party support a significantly increased Canadian personnel commitment to United Nations Peace Operations?

Will your party support the development of a United Nations Emergency Peace Service?

2. Develop the international “Responsibility to Protect.”

Will your party ensure that the next Government of Canada makes advancing the Responsibility to Protect a goal of its foreign policy?

3. Canada’s contributions to global sustainable development

Will your party work to ensure that the next government moves progressively to meet the internationally recognized goal of providing 0.7% of gross national income in overseas development assistance (ODA), in a manner that is consistent with Canada’s ODA Accountability Act?

A September 2015 United Nations World Summit is set to adopt the new Sustainable Development Goals, a comprehensive framework for global sustainable development. Will your party follow up the World Summit with strong diplomatic and financial commitments to help ensure that the SDGs are in fact implemented?

4. Reform the United Nations and global governance

Will your party commit to establishing a dedicated unit in the Department of Foreign Affairs focused on developing support internationally for needed UN and global governance reforms?

What reforms to the United Nations system are the priorities most likely to be implemented should your party form government?

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