TakeAction for February 2018: The Canadian campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Prior to the 2015 federal election, 72 MPs and Senators supported the international appeal calling for establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations.

WFMC has initiated a campaign to increase Canadian parliamentary support for establishing a parliamentary assembly at the UN. A UNPA is considered a practical step toward the democratization of global governance and would be a catalyst for further UN reforms. (Read the latest from the international campaign in the latest issue of Mondial.)

Following the election, and recent turnover in the Senate, that number of current Canadian parliamentary endorsers was down to 44, although we have already added three more as a result of our initial outreach to parliamentarians.

The list of current Canadian parliamentarian endorsers is available here.

What you can do

The most important element for a successful campaign is a strong follow-up. If you can offer even a small amount of time contacting the offices of Canadian parliamentarians over the next few weeks, please contact Maiwenn Le Brazidec at the national office.

Alternatively, check the list of endorsers and, if your MP or the Senators for your province are not on the list, contact them directly. Search for your MP or Senator and then write to them, asking them to endorse the campaign appeal. Further information about the campaign is available on the WFMC website.


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