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Inaugural lecture in the Warren Allmand Lecture Series

On October 18th, the inaugural lecture in the Warren Allmand Lecture Series was held in Montreal, with more than 250 people attending.

The first lecture was given by John Ralston Saul on the topic “The Fight for Freedom of Expression Around the World: A Personal Account.” Ralston Saul is President Emeritus of PEN International and the author of, many books, including Voltaire’s BastardsThe Unconscious Civilization, and Joseph Howe and the Battle for Freedom of Speech.

The Warren Allmand Lecture Series is planned to be an annual event that will celebrate Warren Alllmand’s life and achievements and the causes that he espoused throughout his life through a lecture given by a prominent Canadian.

Former president of the World Federalist Movement – Canada (2004-2016), as well as the recipient of WFMC’s World Peace Award (1990) and a member of the World Federalists since 1961, Warren Allmand had a long career as a politician as well as a supporter of social justice and human rights in the broadest sense of those terms.


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