2019 Federal Election: Responses from the New Democratic Party

Question 1: How should Canada support United Nations peacekeeping? 

New Democrats will make it a priority to advance UN peacekeeping initiatives around the world. We think it is unfortunate that the Liberal government took years before they announced Canada’s contributions to the Mali mission. To make matters worse, the number of troops and police who were deployed is much lower than what the government promised in 2016. It should also be noted that many countries deploy many more peacekeepers on UN missions, including Ireland who will be competing with Canada for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. 

Canada should therefore lead again on peacekeeping, committing to more UN peacekeeping missions and fully implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda in all aspects of our peacekeeping work. We should also send more equipment and training support. The world’s most vulnerable civilians depend on our ability to step up to the challenge and uphold peace and security. 

Of the following, which commitments to United Nations Peacekeeping would your party support? 

  • Increased personnel (military and police) – Yes 
  • Increased support for training, including the Elsie Initiative) – Yes 
  • Increased equipment) – Yes 

Question 2: Global Climate Change: What should be Canada’s International Commitments? 

A New Democrat government will declare a climate emergency and put in place ambitious, science-based greenhouse gas reductions targets that will help stabilize the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. We’ll put these targets in legislation and ensure accountability by creating an independent Climate Accountability Office to do regular audits of progress towards our climate goals. 

We think the Liberal government has done very little to promote nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, notably through the boycott of negotiations for the first-ever Nuclear Ban Treaty, and their reluctance to oppose the treaty. As you note, we should take more steps, including working within NATO to get the alliance to clearly defend nuclear disarmament efforts. 

Question 3: Nuclear disarmament: Which measures intended to promote the realization of a world without nuclear weapons should Canada support? 

Which of the following measures intended to promote the realization of a world without nuclear weapons would a government led by your party support: 

  • A NATO policy of “No First Use”? Yes 
  • De-alerting, i.e. a NATO policy of taking missiles off hair-trigger alert and eliminating options to launch on warning? Yes 
  • Signing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons? Yes 

Question 4: What can Canada do to strengthen the United Nations? 

With respect to UN Parliamentary Assembly, we are open to exploring this idea in order strengthen democratic representation at the United Nations. 

Which of the following measures intended to strengthen the United Nations do you support? 

  • the Responsibility to Protect – Yes 
  • a United Nations Emergency Peace Service – Yes 
  • a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly – Yes 
  • the 75th anniversary of the United Nations – Yes 

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