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Over the past year, we have accomplished a great deal through our TakeAction emailsmonthly news emails, and three webinars. We also released the latest publication in our UN and Canada series, What Canada Could and Should Do at the United Nations 2018: A Question of Leadership (you can also listen to series editor John Trent and some of the contributors talk about their articles). In August, the latest update of our Canada and UN Peacekeeping fact sheet was released and we published two issues of our newsletter, Mondial.

A number of our projects have their own, dedicated websites: UN2020 Initiativethe United Nations and CanadaCanadians for UN Peacekeeping, and Canada’s Human Rights Commitments.

In addition, we work with civil society coalitions and networks on disarmament, human rights, International Criminal Court and women, peace, and security to ensure that the World Federalist perspective is heard.

Your support and contributions help make all of this possible!  Please consider an end of year contribution to support the World Federalists.

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