What do the Canadian federal political parties think about issues of interest to World Federalists?

During federal election campaigns, WFMC surveys the federal political parties about their positions on key foreign policy and global governance issues of interest to World Federalists, such as Canada’s support for peacekeeping, the Responsibility to Protect, and United Nations reform.

We would like to invite you to tell us what issues and topics are most important to you and that you would like to see us ask of the federal political parties ahead of this fall’s federal election.

The next issue of Mondial will include background information on the areas that the parties will be asked about. The questions — and answers — from the 2011 and 2015 elections are available on the WFMC website.

What you can do

Fill out the brief survey on the WFMC website to tell us what issues are important to you and what else we should be asking the federal political parties about.


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