Update on Canada and UN peacekeeping

As Canada winds down its commitment to the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, a recent CBC investigation raised the issue of how allegations of sexual misconduct by Canadian peacekeepers are handled once they return to Canada. The situation is related to non-RCMP police who deploy under RCMP oversight. As the article says, “When the UN finds credible information that a peacekeeper violated the terms of their employment, it shares those findings with Canada. If the officer isn’t a member of the RCMP, the Mounties pass the information to the local Canadian police force that supplied the officer. The onus is then on that police force to conduct the investigation and render disciplinary measures.”

The article cites incidences in which police officers were able to retire or otherwise avoid consequences.

WFMC’s program, Canadians for UN Peacekeeping, provides a monthly update on the state of Canada’s peacekeeping commitments.


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