Women, Peace and Security Network – Canada update

The annual report on Canada’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security is intended to be tabled in the House of Commons each year by the end of September. This past year, the report was first delayed because the House of Commons was not sitting in September because of the federal election campaign and has yet to be tabled because of the current circumstances and Parliament’s necessary focus on the response to COVID-19. The next meeting of the National Action Plan’s advisory group, which consists of representatives of the government partners and civil society, has been delayed pending the report’s release.

Members of the WPSN-C meet regularly with Canada’s Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security, Jacqueline O’Neill, with the most recent meeting being earlier this month via Zoom. Ambassador O’Neill provided updates on her recent activities, including a trip to Jordan in March and accompanying Prime Minister Trudeau on his trip to Africa in February.

In a recent interview with Ambassador O’Neill, Five Questions on Gender Equality in Foreign Policy, on the blog of the Council on Foreign Relations, she discusses her mandate, accomplishments, and challenges, as well as how the women, peace and security agenda is being applied within Canada.


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