Day of International Criminal Justice and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court

On the Day of International Criminal Justice, July 17th, the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, of which WFMC is a member, released a statement that says, in part:

“This anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute comes at a critical juncture. The independence of the Court and its ability to discharge its mandate are threatened by the uncertain and, at times, hostile political environment in which the ICC operates and by the lack of adequate resources to match its increasing workload. At the same time, civil society organizations and human rights defenders around the world who are engaged in the effort to bring perpetrators of international crimes to fair justice face threats to their lives and families as a consequence of their work. There is more to be done to strengthen the court’s ability to meet the expectations and challenges inherent to its ambitious mandate, particularly at a time when crimes defined in the Rome Statute continue to be committed in too many places around the globe.”

The Coalition also co-hosted “25 years of civil society engagement in the Rome Statute system of justice,” an event that included reflections on the Court’s current challenges and opportunities. The event recording is available below.

Further details, including links to statements, events, and activities from other Coalition members are available on the Coalition’s website.

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