World Federalist Questions for the 2021 Federal Election

A federal election has been called for September 20th. During federal campaigns, WFMC surveys the federal political parties about their positions on specific areas of interest to World Federalists.

The following questions are being presented (with brief background text) to the major political parties:

Question 1: How should Canada support United Nations peacekeeping?

Question 2: Global Climate Change: What should be Canada’s International Commitments?

Question 3: Nuclear disarmament: Which measures intended to promote the realization of a world without nuclear weapons should Canada support?

Question 4: What can Canada do to strengthen the United Nations?

When federal candidates in your riding come to your door, ask them about these issues. Alternatively, take these questions to all-candidate meetings and other constituency level public meetings and debates.

Or you can use these questions and the background material provided to write letters to the editor expressing your support for these – or other — world federalist ideas.


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