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TakeAction for November 2021: Open Letter on the Climate Crisis

Youth climate change activists pen an open letter to world leaders calling on them to “face up to the climate emergency”

Approximately 1.8 million people have signed the viral open letter released by Greta Thunberg and other youth activists calling out governments’ failure to cut carbon emissions and stop investing billions in fossil fuels.

Right now world leaders are meeting for historic climate talks but pledges without real action will not cut it anymore. We are catastrophically far from the crucial goal of 1.5°C and yet governments everywhere are still accelerating the crisis, spending billions on fossil fuels” 
– Greta Thunberg

The climate crisis has been described as “a code red for humanity,” with floods, melting glaciers, wildfires, loss of biodiversity, hurricanes, revealing symptoms of a destabilizing planet. It is still possible to avoid the worst consequences, but continuing business-as-usual will not suffice! We have the resources to change this reality, it’s now about reallocating them to accomplish what we have known we must for the past decade.


  • Keeping the precious goal of 1.5°C alive with immediate, drastic, annual emission reductions unlike anything the world has ever seen. 
  • Ending all fossil fuel investments, subsidies, and new projects immediately, and stop new exploration and extraction.
  • Ending creative carbon accounting by publishing total emissions for all consumption indices, supply chains, international aviation and shipping, and the burning of biomass.
  • Deliverong the $100bn promised to the most vulnerable countries, with additional funds for climate disasters.
  • Enact climate policies that protect workers and the most vulnerable, and reduce all forms of inequality.
Sign the emergency appeal for climate action!


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