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 The following text forms the preamble to the World Federalist Movement – Canada national constitution.

As World Federalists, we affirm our determination to pursue the high purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, to maintain international peace and security, to prevent war, to respect fundamental human rights and the international rule of law and to promote the economic and social advancement of all people.

Ours is a planet in crisis, facing challenges that are difficult to manage by nations acting separately in a divided world. It has become urgent for the world’s people and governments to join in achieving a new level of global cooperation such as can only be sustained by a universal commitment to the planet as a genuine community. We make that commitment, and call on our fellow citizens and our government to do the same.

WFMCboard10_14aAs World Federalists, we view the world as one society embracing all of humanity in all its diversity. To this end, we call for urgent progress in developing those democratic world institutions which are essential to assure a peaceful, just, and ecologically sustainable world community.

These world institutions must have the legal and political authority to make and/or enforce international law in order to deal with those problems that can only be resolved effectively at the global level, while affirming the sovereignty of the nation-state in matters which are essentially internal (i.e., all in accordance with the federalist principle of subsidiarity).

Our goal is a world order in which the legitimate rights of nation states are balanced by and consistent with the collective rights and responsibilities of the global community to promote and advance the common good of all humanity.

As World Federalists we are committed in particular to:

  • Promoting a consciousness of humanity as one community and of every person as a citizen of one world;
  • Ending the arms race and the elimination of all weapons of mass destruction;
  • Ending the use of military force save in the common interest to maintain peace and to prevent aggression;
  • Implementing the International Bill of Human Rights and establishing democratic world institutions;
  • Promoting international development to reduce world poverty, to provide an equitable distribution of global wealth and to shape globalization positively;
  • Protecting our common environment and the preservation of the ecosystem for succeeding generations; and
  • Reforming the United Nations system to render it more democratic and effective in the pursuit of its mission and goals.


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