World Peace Award

Paul Rogers (at right) stepping up to receive WFMC’s World Peace Award at PeaceQuest’s Imagining Peace Gathering in Kingston on November 10th, 2018 (PeaceQuest).

On November 10, 2018, Professor Paul Rogers was presented with the 2018 WFM-Canada World Peace Award.

The next week, Professor Rogers spoke with Michael Enright on CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition.

On August 11, 2016, the 2016 WFM-Canada World Peace Award was presented to Senator Murray Sinclair, Chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

View a summary of our social media coverage  of the presentation to Senator Sinclair and the following panel discussion on “From Global to Local: The Importance of the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples to Reconciliation in Canada”

In 1972, the Executive of the World Federalists of Canada adopted a proposal, put forward by the Brantford Branch, that our organization establish a peace award.

The idea was introduced by Richard Pilant, who wrote:

The stereotype of the military hero is outmoded today… We must, with due regard to our individual and collective security… construct a new model—that of the world peace hero… We feel that every day it becomes more imperative that we honour those among us who have the courage and the competence to lead us and our government so skillfully… We must honour those who show us how to help our neighbor nations around the world show us how to understand their problems and policies, so that we may all move forward harmoniously…


1972 Lester Pearson
1973 Norman Alcock
1973 Maurice Strong
1974 Hanna Newcombe
1974 Deganaweda*
1975 Hugh Keenleyside
1976 Paul Gerin-Lajoie
1977 George Ignatieff
1978 William Epstein
1979 Cyrus & Alice Eaton
1981 John Humphrey
1983 Douglas Roche
1984 Gwynne Dyer
1985 Lois Wilson
1986 Robert Muller
1987 VANA (Veterans Against Nuclear Arms)
1988 Rosalie Bertrell
1990 Warren Allmand
1991 Stephen Lewis
1993 Lewis MacKenzie
1994 Fred Knelman
1996 Jules Deschênes
2000 Louise Arbour
2001 Lloyd Axworthy
2002 Roméo Dallaire
2004 Philippe Kirsch
2006 Ernie Regehr
2008 Gerry Barr
2010 Flora MacDonald
2012 Erna Paris
2014 Alyn Ware
2016 Murray Sinclair

2018 Paul Rogers

Four non-Canadian recipients received the Award: George Washington Carver [1974]* and Mahatma Gandhi [1975]*; Louis B. Sohn [1974] and Theo F. Lentz [1974].

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