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TakeAction: Building democracy

With only a week left in the campaign, this month’s Take Action is about engaging with candidates during the ongoing federal election. As the October 21st federal election draws near, WFMC, and many other like-minded organizations, have developed toolkits, blog series, and other materials to provide you with the background material — and possible questions […]

Canada’s Federal Election: Engaging with candidates

As the October 21st federal election draws near, WFMC and other organizations have developed toolkits, blog series, and other materials to provide you with the background material — and possible questions — to engage with candidates. WFMC has developed a group of questions covering peacekeeping, climate change, disarmament, and strengthening the United Nations. The questions have […]

UN2020 and the opening of the UN General Assembly

The UN2020 initiative is dedicated to using the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in 2020 as an opportunity to take stock and strengthen the UN system in partnership with civil society, governments, and the UN in support of a people-centered multilateralism. Check out the UN2020 Facebook page for highlights from this week’s opening of the 74th […]

Have you read the latest issue of Mondial?

Earlier this summer, the latest issue of our twice-yearly publication Mondial came out. Along with updates on international and Canadian programs and campaigns, there are articles about: Challenging times for the International Criminal CourtThe Right to Peace: A Political ApproachThe United Nations as a Values-based Community Or read the full issue.

Update on Canada and UN peacekeeping

As Canada winds down its commitment to the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, a recent CBC investigation raised the issue of how allegations of sexual misconduct by Canadian peacekeepers are handled once they return to Canada. The situation is related to non-RCMP police who deploy under RCMP oversight. As the article says, “When the UN finds credible information […]

TakeAction: Building a stronger United Nations

This September, world leaders arrive at the UN in New York to draw attention to the issues that matter to their countries and discuss how best to cooperate globally to address the major crises humanity faces. From climate change to pandemics to conflict, one theme underpins all these issues: the need for stronger and more […]

UN2020 Campaign Update

The UN2020 Initiative is a civil society campaign calling for using the 75th anniversary of the United Nations as an opportunity to review and strengthen the organization.  The campaign has accelerated in recent months following adoption (June 2019) of a UN “modalities resolution” that sets out the framework for the 2020 commemorative activities and Leaders Summit. The theme for the […]

TakeAction for August 2019: Building peacekeeping

The next Canadian government faces decisions on UN peacekeeping The United Nations currently has about 100,000 military, police, and civilian personnel serving in 14 peacekeeping missions. That’s more troops in UN field operations than any actor in the world, including the U.S. Department of Defense and more than the UK, France, China, and Russia put together.  […]

The latest issue of Mondial is available now!

Members should have received the latest print issue of Mondial in the mail, but it is also available electronically, both as a single fileand as individual articles on the WFMC website. (You can also sign up to receive Mondial by email.) Articles in this issue include: The United Nations as a Values-based CommunityChallenging times for the International Criminal CourtTowards […]

Canadian Foreign Policy and Global Governance: The positions of the federal political parties

During federal election campaigns, WFMC surveys the federal political parties about their positions on specific areas of interest to World Federalists. The questions are being presented to the political parties participating in this fall’s federal election and the answers will be made available on the WFMC website as they are received. You can also download the […]

WPSN-C meeting with Canada’s WPS Ambassador

On August 15th, members of the Women, Peace and Security Network – Canada (WPSN-C), including WFMC’s Monique Cuillerier, met with new Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security Jacqueline O’Neill. There was a discussion of the expectations of civil society, which has long advocated for the appointment of a high-level champion for women, peace and security issues in […]

Canada and UN Peacekeeping Update

WFMC President Dr Walter Dorn has an opinion piece in the Toronto Star today, August 22nd, titled “What Happened to Trudeau’s Peacekeeping Promise?” that summarizes the promises made by the Trudeau government, how they have failed to materialize, and where responsibility for that failure lies. August 9th marked National Peacekeepers’ Day in Canada and WFMC, through our Canadians […]

Branch News

pdf available Montreal The branch hosted their annual post-holiday luncheon on Sunday, February 10th at the Museum of Fine Arts. Professor Rene Provost spoke on the topic “What should we think of the United Nations Human Rights Council in the wake of the US withdrawal and the election of states like Eritrea and the Philippines?” […]

The COPLA Campaign: An overview since its creation

pdf available by Camila López Badra Latin America and the Caribbean embody a paradox: despite having improved the levels of development of its population in the last decades, the region continues to consolidate itself as the most violent on the planet. According to the latest report “Crime and violence” conducted by the Inter-American Development Bank […]

Fernando Iglesias highlights Japan Congress

pdf available WFM Co-President Fernando Iglesias gave the opening keynote address at WFM – Japan’s May 2019 National Congress. The following text is based on excerpts from his remarks in Tokyo. It is a pleasure and an honor for me to join a congress of such importance for the future of world federalism and the […]

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