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A “Canadian Centre for Peace, Order and Good Government” – say, what?

After last year’s federal election, the Liberal minority government followed through on a campaign promise to create a new organization, a “Canadian Centre for Peace, Order and Good Government (CCPOGG).” According to language in the mandate letters of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and International Development, this new organization would “expand the availability of Canadian expertise and assistance to those […]

The Right to Peace: A Political Approach

pdf available Adapted from an address prepared by Hon. Douglas Roche, O.C. for the University for Peace, Costa Rica, January 22, 2019 On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, Robert Muller and I wrote a book, Safe Passage Into the Twenty-first Century, in which we discussed the UN’s quest for peace, […]

Global Problems Need Global Solution

pdf available Adapted from a speech by Keith Best, Presented at Uniting for Peace Spring Conference, April 2019, London We are living though an exciting period in history in terms of innovation, scientific and technological advance and an understanding of our world. And yet the dream of finding a way to live together in peace […]

MEDIA RELEASE: Celebrating May 29, International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers: Canada’s support for UN peace operations falters

Ottawa – Today, as the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers is celebrated worldwide, Canada’s support for UN peacekeeping remains weak . . . and is about to get weaker. Canada’s largest peacekeeping deployment in Mali is scheduled to end July 31st. The UN Department of Peace Operations had requested that Canada’s air task force remain a few […]

WFMC Annual Members Meeting and PeaceQuest events

Paul Rogers (at right) stepping up to receive WFMC’s World Peace Award at PeaceQuest’s Imagining Peace Gathering in Kingston on November 10th, 2018 (PeaceQuest). WThe weekend of November 10th and 11th was a busy one for World Federalists at a series of events held in Kingston in conjunction with PeaceQuest.On Saturday, November 10th, PeaceQuest hosted “Imagining […]

Can we unite for peace?

pdf available by Keith Best If you are a peace activist you have to take the long view. Some suggest that real progress is made only in the wake of a disaster or major conflagration. And certainly the ill-fated League of Nations emanated from the First World War and the major instruments that we cherish […]

Thinking Globally

“How to Save the World in a Hurry” is the title of a conference taking place May 30-31 in Toronto. WFM – Canada is among a group of co-sponsors for the event, which is led by Science for Peace. The forum examines a number of global threats to human security (famine, climate change, war and weapons, pandemics, […]

“Sustaining Peace” at the UN

WFM – Canada Executive Director Fergus Watt joined a panel of experts at an event April 24 at the United Nations. The side event on “Global Platforms for Preventing Violent Conflict and Sustaining Peace on the Road to 2020” took place during the April 24-25 UN General Assembly “High-Level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace.” “Sustaining Peace” is […]

Canada’s embarrassment at UN peacekeeping conference in Vancouver

Canada failed to deliver on its long overdue commitment to provide up to 600 military and 150 police personnel  for UN peace operations, a pledge it made over a year ago at the 2016 Ministerial conference on peacekeeping. At the Vancouver Ministerial Meeting on Peace Operations earlier this month, Prime Minister Trudeau, accompanied by Defence Minister […]

TakeAction: Canada’s commitment to UN peacekeeping

In an article in the December 2016 edition of Mondial, WFMC President Walter Dorn and Board member Sylvain Paquet discuss the delays that have plagued the government of Canada’s return to United Nations peacekeeping. “Where is Canada?” they ask. “It has not yet deployed new forces in UN-mandated peace operations … Even now, more than […]

Canada Shuns UN Nuclear Disarmament Initiative

pdf available On October 27, the UN General Assembly’s First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) passed a historic resolution, mandating the launch in 2017 of negotiations for a legally binding instrument prohibiting nuclear weapons. Canada’s vote against this resolution puts this country on the wrong side of history. The genesis for this initiative arose from […]

No New Nukes

pdf available Welcome to the next nuclear arms race. Not all that long ago, there was some hope that the New START strategic weapons treaty of 2010 might be followed up with more reductions. Just in case one still harboured such hopes, they came crashing down when Vladimir Putin snubbed Barack Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit […]

Sustainable Common Security

pdf available Disintegration is spreading. Overlapping crises are accelerating. In many parts of the world people feel deep insecurity. In the search for solutions, idealism may be considered naïve, but it’s now as critical as cooperation. And, we desperately need hope, along with a guide to addressing urgent global challenges. Sustainable common security might help […]

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