Question 3: Democratize Global Governance through a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

Canadian Foreign Policy and Global Governance

Questions for the Canadian Federal Political Parties from the World Federalist Movement – Canada ahead of the 2011 Federal Election

3. Democratize Global Governance through a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.

In an era of globalization, many important decisions affecting the lives of the world’s citizens are made at the international level, by organizations like the United Nations and related agencies. To help ensure international cooperation and to enhance the legitimacy of the UN, people must be more effectively and directly included in the activities of the UN. In 2007 an all-party report of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development recommended that “The Parliament of Canada should give favourable consideration to the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly.”

Will your party support effective action by the Parliament and Government of Canada to establish a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations?

Bloc Québécois

Le Bloc Québécois appuie le principe de créer une assemblée de parlementaires des Nations Unies. C’est pourquoi nous avons déjà donné notre appui à la campagne UNPA Campaign (Campagne pour un Parlement à l’ONU).


The Bloc Québécois supports the principle of creating an assembly of parliamentarians at the United Nations. That is why we have given our support to the UNPA Campaign (Campaign for a UN Parliament).

Conservative Party of Canada

No reply to this question has been received.

Green Party of Canada

The Green Party of Canada supports launching a global dialogue on the notion of a bicameral UN, with one house being the General Assembly of nation-state representatives, and a Peoples’ Assembly, as in the European Parliament, with direct election on behalf of the worlds’ peoples.

Liberal Party of Canada

We are prepared to give serious consideration to the recommendation of the 2007 Foreign Affairs Committee report to encourage the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations.

Under a Liberal government, we will return to constructive multilateralism in the United Nations and other bodies. Renewed multilateralism will require realistic and determined leadership in the reform of established institutions, especially the UN. This may be an opportunity for positive reform.


Nous sommes prêts à prendre sérieusement en considération la recommandation de l’étude de 2007 du Comité des affaires étrangères et à encourager l’établissement d’une assemblée parlementaire aux Nations Unies.

Un gouvernement libéral reviendra à un multilatéralisme constructif au sein des Nations Unies et d’autres organisations. Un multilatéralisme renouvelé nécessitera l’exercice d’un leadership réaliste et résolu en vue de réformer les institutions en place, plus particulièrement les Nations Unies. Ceci pourrait bien être l’occasion pour une réforme positive.

New Democratic Party

We strongly believe in the value of cooperation and the importance of supporting the United Nations. New Democrats would be open to proposals to increase the mandate of the UN.

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