2019 federal election: Responses from the Green Party

Question 1: How should Canada support United Nations peacekeeping?

Currently, Canada has 190 uniformed peacekeepers (combined military and police) which places it 58th among contributing countries.. The largest contributor (Ethiopia) provides about 7500 peacekeepers. What size range does your party suggest for Canada’s commitment of peacekeeping personnel?


Green Party would support:

  • Increased personnel (military and police)
  • Increased support for training, including the Elsie Initiative
  • Increased equipment

Question 2: Global Climate Change: What should be Canada’s International Commitments?

  • double Canada’s commitment, so that we cut GHGs by 60% below 2005 emission levels by 2030.

Question 3: Nuclear disarmament: Which measures intended to promote the realization of a world without nuclear weapons should Canada support?

  • A NATO policy of “No First Use”
  • De-alerting, i.e. a NATO policy of taking missiles off hair-trigger alert and eliminating options to launch on warning
  • Signing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Question 4: What can Canada do to strengthen the United Nations?


  • the Responsibility to Protect
  • a United Nations Emergency Peace Service
  • a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly
  • the 75th anniversary of the United Nations

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