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Practical Ideas for UN Reform

pdf available by John Trent On May 10, 2018 Canadian federalists John Trent and Laura Schnurr introduced their book, “A United Nations Renaissance: What the UN Is and What it Could Be” at an event hosted by the United Nations Bookstore. The following are excerpts from Prof. Trent’s remarks. Let me propose three actions that […]

UN: Wrecking ball or transformation? (June 2017)

pdf available Proposed changes at the United Nations can take two forms: the wrecking ball or constructive transformation. The Trump administration will be using a wrecking ball approach based on fences, fear, force and finance. It will not work. The second approach is to use knowledge, diplomacy and leadership to transform the UN into the […]

Charting the UN’s Future

pdf available Government of Stephen Harper either denigrated or ignored the United Nations. The Liberals under Justin Trudeau have said they would regain Canada’s place at the UN. This raises two questions: what is the current status of the UN and what should be Canada’s policies toward it? The UN is no longer the object […]

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