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ICC Update (December 2017)

by Monique Cuillerier, membership & communications director, World Federalist Movement – Canada The International Criminal Court is currently engaged in nine preliminary examinations, has eleven situations under investigation, and is pursuing twenty-five cases that involve fifteen defendants. The preliminary examinations are currently being conducted in Afghanistan (likely to soon transition to a full investigation), Colombia, […]

Our planet needs a strong government (December 2017)

by Dominique de Buman, Swiss MP Our planet faces numerous challenges, such as armed violence, corruption, destruction of the environment, violation of the freedom of religion or of other rights. And this list is not exhaustive — far from it. So often, humanity surpasses the limits of what is acceptable or sustainable! We are informed […]

Migration, refugees and the need for global governance reforms (December 2017)

by Lloyd Axworthy, currently Chairperson, World Refugee Council; member of the Commission on Global Security, Justice and Governance; and international Co-President of the World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of forcibly displaced persons – over 65 million in 2016 – is higher now […]

World Federalist Reading (December 2017)

A number of recent books provide insights into reform of the United Nations, a plan for peace, reflections on federalism, and the history and future of the prosecution of war crimes. A United Nations Renaissance: What the UN is, and what it could be covers a lot of ground.  Co-written by John Trent, chair of […]

Democracy Without Borders: A new approach towards world federalism (December 2017)

by Andreas Bummel, International Secretary-General, Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly For many decades, world federalists have been exploring paths and instruments to achieve their dream of a peaceful, democratic and sustainable world that is united in all its diversity. There is agreement that there are many different and complementary approaches. Under the name […]

Young World Federalists gather for annual Ventotene Seminar (December 2017)

by Becky Luff,  council member of WFM-IGP, representing the UK-based Federal Union Every September, young federalists gather on the idyllic Italian island of Ventotene. Situated 25 miles off the Western coast of Italy, between Rome and Naples, and home to about 700 people, Ventotene plays a significant part in the history of the transnational federalist […]

The proposal for a Latin American and Caribbean Criminal Court against Transnational Organized Crime reaches the United Nations General Assembly (December 2017)

by Florencia Gor, Past-President, Democracia Global Argentina and a current member of the Executive Committee, WFM –Canada This past September the Vice President of Argentina gave new impulse to the campaign during her speech at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. The campaign for the establishment of a Latin American and Caribbean Criminal […]

Update: The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (December 2017)

by Lisa Schüller, UNPA Campaign Program Associate, New York The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) has recorded numerous positive developments since May 2017. A significant milestone was reached in August when the 1500th member of parliament endorsed the campaign. On this occasion, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on External Affairs of […]

Update from the ICRtoP: recent developments on the Responsibility to Protect at the United Nations (December 2017)

by Brittany Roser, Communications and Outreach Associate, International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect. The ICRtoP secretariat is based at the WFM-IGP office in New York. On 6 September 2017, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) convened the ninth annual informal interactive dialogue on the Responsibility to Protect (RtoP), where Member States, panelists, and civil […]

ICC activates jurisdiction over crime of aggression (December 2017)

by Fergus Watt, Executive Director, World Federalist Movement – Canada Marathon up-to-the-last-minute diplomatic negotiations in New York recently led to a historic decision to “activate” the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction over the crime of aggression. The negotiations took place at the ICC’s December 4-14 meeting of its Assembly of States Parties. While the Court has […]

The Prevention Up Front Alliance: Strengthening civil society capacity to prevent armed conflict (December 2017)

by Jelena Pia-Comella, Deputy Executive Director, World Federalist Movement – Institute for Global Policy At the United Nations the new Secretary-General has identified “preventing conflict and sustaining peace” as an overarching framework that cuts across the three pillars of the UN’s work: peace and security, sustainable development and human rights. In his January 10 inaugural […]

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