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UN 2020: Will this be a Happy Birthday? (June 2017)

pdf available Anniversaries often mark an opportunity for stock-taking, renewal . . . and occasionally reform. The year 2020, marking 75th anniversary of the United Nations, presents advocates of a more effective UN the chance to call for measures to strengthen the world body. In 1995, at the time of the UN’s 50th anniversary (and […]

Redeeming Globalization? (June 2017)

pdf available On Sunday November 6th, 2016, distinguished labour leader, Larry Brown addressed the annual fundraising brunch of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Manitoba Division. It was tough stuff. Mr. Brown added concrete numbers to the litany mostly-bad news we hear in popular media. He advised the gathered activists that roughly one third of […]

Yemen: Effective Humanitarian Aid Depends on a Peace Accord (June 2017)

pdf available The United Nations, together with the governments of Sweden and Switzerland who have often led on humanitarian issues in the UN system, held a high-level pledging conference in Geneva on April 25, 2017 to again draw attention to the deepening humanitarian crisis in war-torn Yemen, This is currently the largest food security emergency […]

UN: Wrecking ball or transformation? (June 2017)

pdf available Proposed changes at the United Nations can take two forms: the wrecking ball or constructive transformation. The Trump administration will be using a wrecking ball approach based on fences, fear, force and finance. It will not work. The second approach is to use knowledge, diplomacy and leadership to transform the UN into the […]

Update: The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (June 2017)

pdf available Ten years ago the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) was launched to advocate democratic representation of the world’s citizens at the United Nations. Usually, UN bodies are composed of officials who are appointed by the executive branches of national governments. By contrast, a UNPA would for the first time give […]

Binding UNGA Decisions Without Charter Amendment (June 2017)

pdf available For well over half a century, proponents of a strong United Nations have called for reform that would enable the General Assembly to make binding and enforceable decisions on “important questions.” According to Article 18, paragraph 2 of the United Nations Charter, such matters “shall be decided by a two-thirds majority . . […]

Book Review: How much does the Euro cost? (June 2017)

pdf available Joseph E. Stiglitz The Euro: How a Common Currency Threatens the Future of Europe W W Norton, 2016. Joe Stiglitz probably needs no introduction as he is among the international elite group of economists and someone whose writings always demand one’s attention. This book could not be more timely, as Europe struggles with […]

Preventing and addressing armed conflict: The role of women in the implementation of the Responsibility to Protect (2017)

pdf available The international community continues not only to be challenged by its failure to prevent armed conflicts before they occur, but also in addressing them in a timely and effective manner. The ongoing crises in Burundi, Syria and Yemen, to highlight a few, emphasize the need for renewed leadership and engagement in putting prevention […]

Inter-community problem-solving for trust building: Subsidiarity in practice (June 2017)

pdf available The following is based on excerpts from remarks by Scott Cooper at the WFMCanada Montreal AGM, April 27, 2017 TRACK III DIPLOMACY AND LOCAL PROBLEM-SOLVING It may be challenging to think of high-level World Federalist principles such as subsidiarity, global citizenship and respect for international institutions having direct application at the local level […]

The Women, Peace and Security Agenda – Canada prepares to renew its National Action Plan (June 2017)

pdf available It has been over fifteen years since the first United Nations Security Council resolution (1325) to specifically address the women, peace and security agenda. In that time, sixty-three countries have developed National Action Plans (NAPs) — and sixteen new ones are in progress — to provide frameworks for viewing their approach and work […]

ICC Update (June 2017)

pdf available Over the course of its existence, there have been 23 cases in nine situations brought before the International Criminal Court. Preliminary examinations are currently being conducted into situations in Afghanistan, Burundi, Colombia, Gabon, Guinea, Iraq/UK, Nigeria, Palestine, Ukraine, and Registered Vessels of Comoros, Greece, and Cambodia. Central African Republic (I) This situation was […]

Dynamics of Democracy and Inequality in the Context of Globalization (June 2017)

pdf available Below are excerpts from a paper presented at the International Inequalities Seminar, London School of Economics, 21 March 2017. “The work of a number of economists has documented the huge increase in inequality that has taken place in many parts of the world since the 1970s. This paper is concerned with the question […]

The Transnational Criminal Law in the Americas conference and further updates on the COPLA campaign (June 2017)

pdf available In May 2017 I travelled to Windsor, Ontario, Canada to introduce the campaign for COPLA (Spanish acronym for the proposed Latin American and Caribbean Criminal Court against Transnational Organized Crime) at the Conference “Transnational Criminal Law in the Americas,” organized by the Transnational Law and Justice Network of the University of Windsor Faculty […]

March for Europe! (June 2017)

pdf available At least 10,000 European citizens, coming from all European countries, attended the March 25 “March for Europe!” organized by European Federalists. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community and from which the process of European unification has, in the following […]

Branch News (June 2017)

pdf available The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences took place from May 27 to June 2 in Toronto. WFMC Toronto Branch President Helmut Burkhardt led a workshop entitled “Desirability and Feasibility of a World Federation,” at the annual meeting of the Canadian Peace Research Association. Speakers for this panel included Burkhardt on “Priorities […]

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