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Can we unite for peace?

pdf available by Keith Best If you are a peace activist you have to take the long view. Some suggest that real progress is made only in the wake of a disaster or major conflagration. And certainly the ill-fated League of Nations emanated from the First World War and the major instruments that we cherish […]

The UN debates R2P – to what end?

pdf available by Fergus Watt On 25 June 2018 the UN General Assembly held a debate on “The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and the prevention of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity” as part of the formal agenda of its 72nd session. This year’s debate constituted the first formal discussion of R2P […]

South Asian Federalists meet in Kathmandu

pdf available by James Arputharaj Members of South Asian Federalists (SAF) from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal participated in a regional conference May 17 – 18 in Kathmandu Nepal on “Promoting Universalization and Strengthening Implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty in South Asia.” The regional intergovernmental meeting was organized by the international ControlArms Coalition […]

Practical Ideas for UN Reform

pdf available by John Trent On May 10, 2018 Canadian federalists John Trent and Laura Schnurr introduced their book, “A United Nations Renaissance: What the UN Is and What it Could Be” at an event hosted by the United Nations Bookstore. The following are excerpts from Prof. Trent’s remarks. Let me propose three actions that […]

UN2020 update: Toward a 75th anniversary of UN renewal and reform

pdf available by Fergus Watt The text below is based on remarks by Fergus Watt, Coordinator, UN2020 Initiative at a side event April 24 2018 during the UNGA High-Level Meeting on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace. The idea of a United Nations 2020 Summit starts with a general sense of expectation around the UN’s 75th anniversary […]

COPLA Update Regional governments agree to study proposed criminal court

pdf available by Florencia Gor The campaign for the establishment of a Latin American and Caribbean Criminal Court against Transnational Organized Crime (known as COPLA, its Spanish acronym) continues to make steady progress. The proposal has garnered more than 3000 signatories and endorsements from 40 institutions from around the world. On June 8 of this […]

WFM Congress, July 9-13, The Hague: Setting new directions for civil society engagement in global governance

pdf available By Jelena Pia-Comella, Deputy Executive Director, WFM-IGP The WFM-IGP Congress taking place from July 9 to July 13 will bring together world federalists from around the world to consider both the internal dimensions of its work as well as its external, public-facing campaigns and policies. The Congress agenda will include the following: Updates […]

Update: UN Parliamentary Assembly Campaign

pdf available by Andreas Bummel Over 1,500 current and former members of parliament and numerous UN experts support the proposal for a UN Parliamentary Assembly. On July 4 the European Parliament (EP) voted to accept a report from its Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) that provides a set of recommendations to the Council of the […]

The Rome Statute at 20

pdf available by Yasmina Gourchane On 15 and 16 February 2018, in the Hague, the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (Coalition) launched its commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute. With this launch, the Coalition initiated a full year of wide and diverse convocations, celebrations, and renewed commitments to the treaty. The […]

Human rights violations in Libya and the International Criminal Court

pdf available by Romnick Villanueva The situation of migrants in Libya illustrates the tragic consequences that often result when migration flows encounter weak national governance and organized criminal activity. The UN and regional institutions have been unable to act effectively in addressing implications from forced migration and the prevalence of social and political instability. Is […]

The UN’s Global Compact for Migration: An interview with Louise Arbour

pdf available by Romnick Villanueva In March 2017, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres announced the appointment of Louise Arbour of Canada as his Special Representative for International Migration. Ms Arbour previously served as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and as Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. […]

European Federalism: objectives for the near future and collaboration with the WFM

pdf available by Pilar Llorente Ruiz de Azua, UEF Europe Federal Committee Member, and Doménec Ruiz Devesa, UEF Europe Executive Bureau Member The 70th anniversary of the 1948 Congress of the Hague this year and the 60th anniversary last year of the 1957 Treaties of Rome, which established the predecessor of the European Union, to […]

Summer Reading for World Federalists

pdf available A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century Andreas Bummel and Jo Leinen Democracy Without Borders, 2018 A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century begins by examining the philosophical foundations of cosmopolitanism and a world parliament through history, including a detailed account of the campaign for a […]

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