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The Rae Rohingya Report: R2P Missing in Inaction

pdf available by Simon Rosenblum Last year the Canadian government appointed former Ontario Premier and former federal Liberal party interim leader Bob Rae as its Special Envoy to Myanmar [Burma]. His mission was to report on how Ottawa should deal with the present crisis in which over 700,00 Rohingya have been forced to flee the […]

Book Review: How much does the Euro cost? (June 2017)

pdf available Joseph E. Stiglitz The Euro: How a Common Currency Threatens the Future of Europe W W Norton, 2016. Joe Stiglitz probably needs no introduction as he is among the international elite group of economists and someone whose writings always demand one’s attention. This book could not be more timely, as Europe struggles with […]

The Globalization of Anti-Globalization

pdf available Back in April 1999, I, on behalf of WFM-Canada, presented a brief to the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee concerning the global governance of international trade. Looking back now, almost twenty years later, I am struck by how our analysis has held up and what the implications of the lack of such global governance […]

No New Nukes

pdf available Welcome to the next nuclear arms race. Not all that long ago, there was some hope that the New START strategic weapons treaty of 2010 might be followed up with more reductions. Just in case one still harboured such hopes, they came crashing down when Vladimir Putin snubbed Barack Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit […]

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