World federalist contributions to Project Save the World

Project Save the World is an ambitious project that focuses on 25 policy proposals that form a “Platform for Survival.” (You can read Metta Spencer’s 10-page introduction to the project on the website.)

A number of Canadian World Federalists have participated in video talks and contributed documents to this project. Links are provided below. The project is not, however, a WFMC project and all aspects of it may not reflect the views of WFMC.

All multilateral institutions shall heed the demands of international civil society alliances for justice (Robin Collins, Karen Hamilton, and Fergus Watt)

All states shall develop a UN Emergency Peace Service to protect civilians and respond to crises (Dr. H. Peter Langille )

All states shall support SDGs, tax wealth and financial transactions, and redistribute funds equitably (Robin Collins on universal basic income and the Tobin Tax)

Five Enabling Measures: Outline of Contributions (Robin Collins)

Investors and regulators shall compel all businesses to comply with the U.N. Global Compact (Alyn Ware on nuclear weapons money and Robin Collins on corporate responsibility)

Social movements and states shall prioritize Sustainable Common Security to address shared global challenges (Dr. H. Peter Langille)

Video: WFMC Executive Director Fergus Watt and John Daniele, president of WFMC’s Toronto Branch on world federalism in general, as well as global governance, the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly, and cyber peacekeeping.

Video: Cyber Attacks with John Daniele (WFMC Board Member and Toronto Branch President)

Video: Faith Communities with Karen Hamilton (Organizer, Parliament of the World Religions and WFMC Board Member)

Video: Reforming the United Nations with Robin Collins (Group of 78, Canadian Pugwash Group, and WFMC Secretary & Board Member); John Trent (Retired Professor of Political Studies, University of Ottawa and WFMC Board Chair); Fergus Watt (Executive Director, WFMC)

Video: UN and Peacekeeping with Walter Dorn (Professor of Defence Studies, Canadian Forces College and WFMC President)

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